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How to get music and sound effects in your HuCard game

Aetherbyte released Squirrel back in the day as the first complete ready-to-use solution for adding music AND sound effects into your Turbografx/PCE hucard games. Awesome right?

Aetherbyte Squirrel Page

You can pull up their page and read all about it. There are some tutorials, manual, everything you need to get going with it. Awesome right? Ok, so when I started trying to use it I hit some minor roadblocks. So this post will maybe save you some time if you’re getting ready to put some music and SFX into your game.

I’ll be sharing a complete proof of concept here, which has been patched for the latest huc 3.99+ and is ready to go. Coming soon!

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Billy’s Bad Day is officially released today!

Today is a very exciting day! We’re announcing the release and general availability of our new game. Super excited!

You can play the whole game here on your computer (not available for mobile yet):

You can order the physical release or digital download from our shop

Follow along with us on Facebook – more posts, updates, and videos are shared there:

Click to play the full game online from your computer!
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Play right from the web browser!

Super glad I found this web-based emulator, and got it all hooked up for you. Want to play Billy’s Bad Day right from your computer’s web browser? Check it out:


Q: Can I re-map the keys?
A: Sure! pull up the config by clicking on the bottom

Q: Can I play on my phone/tablet?
A: Not yet – but we’re working on it and will release this as a mobile game! Stay tuned!