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Play right from the web browser!

Super glad I found this web-based emulator, and got it all hooked up for you. Want to play Billy’s Bad Day right from your computer’s web browser? Check it out:


Q: Can I re-map the keys?
A: Sure! pull up the config by clicking on the bottom

Q: Can I play on my phone/tablet?
A: Not yet – but we’re working on it and will release this as a mobile game! Stay tuned!


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Way back in 1996…

When I was a kid learning to code back in ’96, I wrote a cool little stickman combat game. Complete with computer vs player engine and everything.. The only problem is, I lost all that code many floppy disks and years ago. All I have left is an executable that brings up the (c) 1996 message… and no game.

So I decided to write it again, but this time for my favorite old school console of all time: the Turbografx-16 (or PC Engine in almost every other part of the world except the US)

I’ll be documenting my progress and adventures here, and will post prototype versions folks can play – if they so desire 🙂